Credit Restoration

Navigating the very complicated world of credit scores and debt relief options can be difficult and confusing. We promise to give you honest and accurate advice about the most effective ways for you to relieve your debt and restore your credit.

When is bankruptcy the right option?

Bankruptcy sounds scary to a lot of people, but it can be an effective way to steer your life back in the right direction. Filing for bankruptcy can allow you to lower the monthly payments on your debts, stop harassment from debt collectors, or begin to reestablish your credit. While bankruptcy doesn’t always mean wiping away your debts, it does give you the chance to pay back what you owe in a reasonable time frame for your financial situation. Don’t think of bankruptcy as a death sentence – think of it as a second chance.

When clients of Swanson & Desai decide that bankruptcy is a sensible option for their individual situation, our attorneys provide detailed information and a step-by-step timeline of the proceeding. For more information on the bankruptcy services our that firm can provide, please visit We are a debt relief agency, and we help individuals file for bankruptcy.

Does credit counseling really work?

Credit counseling (also known as debt counseling) is a consumer education program that teaches effective financing methods that help you to avoid future debt. These programs often involve the creation of a Debt Management Plan, which allows consumers to collaborate with their creditors to determine fair terms to repay debt.

In up to 75% of cases, credit counseling is not successful, and consumers often have to file bankruptcy after paying hundreds of dollars into a Debt Management Plan. The attorneys at Swanson & Desai are here to help you determine which debt relief method is best for you.

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