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Running your business is already so complex; when you throw in all of the “behind the scenes” work, doing it all yourself seems impossible. We’ll help you take care of business so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Putting together a limited liability company (LLC)

Business entity formation: In order to operate in the official capacity of your business, you must obtain a business entity. Business entity formation allows you to protect your personal assets from the business’s liabilities, lets you raise capital in a simpler way, and enables you to share ownership and authority in the business with other members.

Shareholder and partnership agreements: These two types of agreements manage the distribution of power among partners and/or shareholders in the business. A well-constructed agreement will outline the way disputes should be handled.

Operating agreements: All management duties and responsibilities are listed in an operating agreement, and are agreed on by all members of the LLC.

Managing your existing business

Asset sale: When selling assets of your business, several important documents must be prepared. Your attorney will create a broker/finder agreement, letter of intent, and several other forms for the closing, along with preparing the required documentation and records.

Purchase agreements: An important part of purchase and sale transactions (between private citizens or businesses) is the purchase agreement. A purchase agreement essentially serves as an official record of sale and ownership.

General contract negotiations: Having an attorney as a part of your team ensures that your best interests are protected. Legal counsel is utilized by both parties in a dispute to decide if a contract is legally enforceable, as well as when discussing the terms of contractual agreements.

Commercial lease negotiations: In lease negotiations, attorneys represent your business to determine expenditures and allowances within the leasing agreement.

Negotiating workouts or modifications of existing financial obligations:
Whether your business has a bank-issued loan that has been classified, or you have financial commitments to a third party, our attorneys can assist you in negotiating a fair solution.

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